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Cake Diary #1

Posted on Mar 10, 2015 by in Tricks of the Trade | 0 comments


Cake making isn’t little just sprinkles and frosting. It’s hard work! I LOVE the feeling of accomplishment though as each little (or big!) creation goes out the door. One problem that leads to a lot of wasted time is that I tend to only see the imperfections, things that no one else even notices. One of my more popular cake posts drove me nuts because even while I was getting compliments I could only see the crooked number on the front. Silly!

As I have gotten more and more cakes under my belt I have started learning what HAS to be redone- and how to fix certain things so they DON’T have to be redone, and thought I would start sharing with some “Cake Diary” posts.

Covering this 8″ cake with black fondant was turning into a bit of a nightmare. For some reason the fondant just wasn’t stretching quite right. The photo above was the result of my 3rd (!!!) attempt.

Finally I realized that if I wanted any sleep that night I needed to move on. Because I knew this cake was going to be covered with decorations I let my desire to have it perfect go. I spliced the extra fondant together and cut off the extra off gently smoothing the seam without pressing too hard. I let it sit for a couple minutes to firm up (my cake was nice and chilled) then used my fondant smoother to gently “iron” the seam even more.

I made sure the seam was in the back of the cake and it was hardly noticeable (except to me of course!)

Happy Baking!

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