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How to Fill Cupcakes (perfectly!)

Posted on Nov 13, 2013 by in Tricks of the Trade | 0 comments


I have tried long frosting tips, baggies, and even just a spoon but using these syringes has made it so easy. I use an apple corer first, pressing in about an inch, then set the little piece of cupcake aside to place over the filled center later. I fill a sandwich bag with my filling- then clip one corner so I can squeeze it into the syringe (spooning it in takes a little longer.) Then I can use the syringe to fill my cupcakes perfectly, the measurements on it help me put exactly the right amount in each one. I wash the syringe out and let it dry, then I reuse it over and over. (I buy them by the box because its cheaper and the box lasts forever! Here is exactly what I order- SYRINGE, 60CC, CATHETER TIP ( SYRINGE, 60CC, CATHETER TIP ) 20 Each / box)

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