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Naked Cakes

Posted on May 5, 2015 by in Cakes | 0 comments


These are really popular right now and these are a couple of my favorites from this past year. The bare minimum look can add a rustic feel or even a different kind of elegance, depending on the surroundings. I love the tree trunk stand but the brass and silver is beautiful too! Different looks for different brides.

The trick to the naked cake is STACKING STACKING STACKING. You cant hide uneven edges with frosting. I’ve posted in the past about stacking (HERE) but I just added a few more tips HERE. For a cake that is really moist I recommend the light layer of frosting to help it stay set. The cake above was Italian Cream and VERY moist so it needed that crumb coat.

This cake didn’t need the crumb coat but we still wanted a little omph so I dusted it with powdered sugar. I love the little smash cake too!

For tips on decorating with flowers you can go HERE
Happy Baking!!

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