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Posted on Mar 25, 2015 by in Cakes, Homepage | 0 comments


This combines a few techniques- Smooth Frosting, Cake Stacking, and the perfect Royal Icing.

Then the fun part is the SWIRLING! I love it. I do a bunch of ideas on a sheet of wax paper so that I can refer to it as I go. What is nice is that even beginners can do it- there is no exact design you have to follow. I always make sure my cake is nice and cold when I start so that if I make a mistake it will harden quickly and I can pull it off.

I like to make some practice designs on a piece of wax paper so that I can refer to it as I go- sometimes I get swirl block! But if that happens just keep going, making the bigger designs first then going back and filling in with smaller ones.

This cake was for a beautiful graduate and I love how it all turned out for her celebration.
Happy Baking!

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