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Buttermilk Drizzle & Filling

Posted on Nov 30, 2013 by in Frostings and Fillings | 0 comments


I have the complete recipe <a href=”buttermilk-caramel-glaze”>HERE</a>┬ábut I wanted to post about using it as a filling. The amount of time you cook the buttermilk mixture determines the thickness, less time gives you a lighter colored drizzle, more time gives you a darker caramel syrup. To use it as a filling I cook it until it is the color of a store bought caramel (stirring constantly.) Once it has cooled completely I mix it with my favorite butter cream or cream cheese frosting, mixing more syrup than frosting, then stuff as much as I can inside my cupcakes. It is SO delicious, dangerous to have around!!

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