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Posted on Apr 8, 2014 by in Cupcakes | 0 comments


I wanted these cats to be flat so I cut the large circles for the heads a couple days in advance (using a toothpick to poke slanted holes for the whiskers before they were dry.)

To make sure the eyes were all the same size I used a small circle cutter, cut the circle in fourths, then used 2 parts for each nose and 1 for each eye. The whiskers were one of my favorite parts of these cute cats, I made them a couple days in advance so that they would be nice and stiff, I didnt want them to droop!

To make the ears I used a square cutter, rolling the fondant for the back of the ear thicker so I could roll it out a bit, and I rolled the fondant for the inner part of the ear thinner so it would just lay flat. A little time consuming but easy overall! Happy Baking :)

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