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Dr. Seuss Cake

Posted on Jan 29, 2013 by in Special Occasion and Holiday | 0 comments

To give The Cat his furry appearance I covered a rice crispy base figure in Fondant and used scissors held at an upward angle to snip little v shapes. It is important to let the head dry separately from the body so that the weight doesn’t start to squish the body down. I use cake pops sticks as supports (Popsicle sticks are great too.)

To make the stencils I used a regular projector to put the picture I was using from the book on the wall, taped a piece of wax paper to the wall and then held a small piece of fondant that I had rolled flat and used an edible marker to trace the fish etc. For complete directions on how to make Rice Crispy Figures and Fondant look under “Tricks of the Trade.”

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