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Posted on Sep 14, 2015 by in Cakes, Homepage | 0 comments


To make Olaf- (I LOVED making him!!) I made 2 rice crispy rounds with THIS RECIPE and then pushed a Wilton Straw up through the center with enough sticking out of the top to support the head, and a little out the bottom so I could add the “feet” with a little more Rice Crispy. When I made the RC head I didn’t add the overlapping lip, I knew I would just make that when I added the FONDANT. I covered the head and then body (doing each separately) with a thin layer of fondant to get rid of the bumps, then put a small roll of fondant where I wanted the “overbite.” When I covered the head in fondant I could manipulate that roll into the lip without leaving a line in the fondant. For the arms I used toothpicks covered in Modeling Chocolate leaving just enough uncovered to stick into the body. I made them a couple days in advance so they would be nice and dry. To see how I made the faces of the princesses CLICK HERE for that tutorial. Email me with any questions!

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