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MORE Cake Pop tips

Posted on Oct 4, 2013 by in Tricks of the Trade | 0 comments


Another post about Cake Pops but there is just so much to cover! :) I have gotten some emails about the Wiltons Melts I use so in addition to the other cake pop helps under “Cake Pops” let me cover melting the melts! For some reason the darker colors of melts do not melt as thin or smoothly as the lighter colors. And because I must double dip (see “3 things to know about CP”) this can be a problem. So I always have a bag of white Melts nearby and I add a few into the pot when melting darker colors, not enough to drastically change the color but enough to thin it out. I have seen people recommend adding a little crisco but I have found that weakens the chocolate and I end up with more leaky pops. These pops were for a jewel tone wedding and I used Duff Gold Spray and Wiltons silver and gold candies for decorating.

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