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Pinewood Derby!

Posted on May 28, 2013 by in Cakes | 0 comments

Making my own cake toppers is ALWAYS a hit, its the easiest way to personalize a cake perfectly. Complete recipes for the Rice Crispie mix, Modeling Chocolate and the best homemade fondant can be found under “Tricks of the Trade.”
To make these toppers I formed the basic shape with Rice Crispy and then went over them with my fondant roller until they were as smooth as I wanted. I pressed Popsicle sticks through each car so the ends stuck out the sides, giving me a place to attach the wheels, and then covered them with fondant. (I used Fondant mixed with Red Modeling Chocolate for the red car.) The wheels could have just been placed next to the cars but I wanted to boys to be able to pick up the cars and have them stay together. I was told that the Car Toppers were more coveted than the actual Derby Trophy!

For the cupcakes I used RC covered in fondant for the Army cars because of their large size- I didnt want them to be too heavy. The red cars were small enough to not need a RC center.

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