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3 Reasons to Rose

Posted on May 5, 2015 by in Cakes | 0 comments


Of course there are more than 3 reasons- but everyone who loves cakes should master this easy technique. (My photo tutorial is HERE!)

1- They are FAST- instead of going through the process of smooth frosting or fondant covering this technique is such a LIFE saver. Weeks when I am booked up I can still add in a few rose cakes because they are so easy.

2- They can be Elegant like this 60th anniversary cake, or fun like this baby shower cake!

3- EVERYONE LOVES THEM! Seriously. They make even sheet cakes look good! They can be done in ombre shades, bright colors- anything you like. Try it, then you will see why I love Rose cakes so much!

Happy Baking!!

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