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Holiday Cake Pops

Posted on Sep 30, 2014 by in Cake Pops | 0 comments


So many of my friends LOVE cake pops but hate making them. I get it, they are time consuming, and require a few steps that cant be skipped but once you have mastered the basics there is no need to fear! Your plops will become POPS! (And be a huge hit where ever you take them.) I have a few trouble shooting posts that I have listed here
How to prep your cake pops.
Three steps to pop dipping.
Trouble Shooting chocolate melts.
but please feel free to email me with any specific questions! To make pops for celebrations and holidays

Duffs Spray is perfect- wait until your pops are completely dry and then spray them. (You can find it on Amazon but I buy the gold and silver at Michaels.) Adding sanding sugar on my pops before they dry makes a sparkling festive look. Happy Baking!

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