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I Love You Wedding Cake

Posted on Sep 18, 2014 by in Cakes | 0 comments


I love how the simple design made this cake so elegant! I used floral wire for the lettering (I coulnt find any food safe wire, you can wrap the ends to be safe,) I just wound it around a circle fondant cutter to get the loops and an angled cutter to get the more square angles.

I shaped it on cake pans the same size of the actual cake so I could get the rounding of the letters. The tricky part was getting it to set just right and not dig into the cake OR fall off. Here are two basic techniques to make this cake yourself- how to make Fondant for the pearls, and how to frost a smooth cake.

This bride and groom were so gorgeous and sweet- literally, the groom is a farmer and they sell honey! ( to find out more!)


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