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Make-Up cake! (or cosmetics cake or whatever you want to call it!)

Posted on Apr 15, 2015 by in Cakes | 0 comments


Yes seriously. This cake was so fun- I told Natalie that when she is 14 maybe she can start wearing make-up and I’ll make her this cake (even though this one was for an 8 year old!)

For the back of the make-up case I cut out cardboard, glued Popsicle sticks on the back and then wrapped it before covering it with fondant. Before pressing it into the cake I used different sticks to make the holes so I didnt have to press hard on the fondnat. In the top photo you can see how I did the eyeshadow- it was so difficult deciding which colors to use :)

For the lipstick and brush I used Wiltons large straws- the big white plastic ones as my center. You can see how I can put my finder inside the lipstick tube? That really helped me shape it without denting it. I wrapped a wood dowel with pink fondant for the lipstick and slid it into the tube. I brushed the silver color on at the end and love how it looks more realistic.

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