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Monsters Inc

Posted on Dec 1, 2013 by in Cupcakes | 0 comments


I think anyone can be their own best decorator- as long as they have good tools and products to work with! I love homemade marshmallow fondant for any decorating that doesn’t have to dry super stiffly. It tastes so much better and is really easy to work with. Go HERE for my Fondant Tutorial. To make these Monsters Inc cupcakes I used all MM fondant except for the black, I buy black and red (Duff brand) because those colors are really hard to get deep and true with gel. To get the “bangs” on Boo and the “fur” on Sully I used scissors and snipped the edges. To get perfect circles for the eyes I like to use the small end of a #12 Wilton frosting tip, and then smaller tips for the pupils. Works great! (For Mike’s eye you may need a bigger tip :) ).

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