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Setting Up for Dipping!

Posted on May 29, 2014 by in Cake Pops | 0 comments


Before I start dipping I get my whole set up ready. It makes a difference to have what you need right there when you are dealing with melted chocolate!
A. I line a cookie sheet with wax paper- perfect to catch all the drips, easy to change out as needed, and easy clean up. When I am done with dipping I just pour the left over onto the paper to let harden and save for later. And my melting pots- these are perfect for pops, they keep the temperature consistent unlike microwaving chocolate.
B. I put my sticks, bags, and ties in a container ready to use and not spilling all over the counter.
C. A damp washcloth for quick finger wipes (after wiping off those pop sticks, this is a must have.)
D. Off to the side I keep my sprinkles and sprinkle bowls- I hold the pop over the bowl as I douse it with sprinkles- KEEP CLEAR of the chocolate pots or you will have little bumps when you dip!
E. Styrofoam trays to stick the pops in as they dry.

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