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Shoe Cupcakes

Posted on Mar 29, 2014 by in Cupcakes | 0 comments


I was asked to make these for a Young Women’s event at my church. Each color represents a different value; Faith, Divine Nature, Knowledge, Individual Worth, Integrity, Good Works, Choice & Accountability and Virtue. The theme was “walking in faith.” Loved it!
To make these I cut the Pirouette Cookies in half and then a slight slant on one end.

I use royal icing as glue, (my favorite recipe is HERE,) placing it in these 3 spots, with the slant side of the Pirouette up.

Add the next cookie and Voila! Let them dry before decorating.

These are all the tips I used. The large tips are 1M & 4B and the small are 21, 5A, 12 and on the frosting bags round tips size 4 & 2.

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