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Valentines Cupcakes

Posted on Jan 4, 2015 by in Cupcakes, Homepage, Special Occasion and Holiday | 0 comments

Heart Cupcakes

We have friends whose baby boy came home from the hospital with a trach, and because my two little guys are trach kids I wanted to make sure they felt our love! These cupcakes were for them.
I baked my cupcakes and chilled them until really cold so that when I cut out the center heart it would hold its shape better. I gently pressed my cookie cutter in about an inch to form the outline then used a knife to cut it out carefully.

When I filled them in with frosting I started at the top of the heart and filled underneath the middle point so it had support. If the point breaks off when using the cookie cutter just use part of the left over cupcake and reshape it with a little “reconstruction.” Happy Baking!

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