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When and How to Freeze Cake Pops

Posted on May 7, 2014 by in Cake Pops | 0 comments


For the longest time I wasn’t sure if I should freeze my cake pops, I was worried they might get sticky from the condensation and I didnt want to waste any! And the nice thing is cake pops last a long time at room temperature (especially when they are double dipped and in their cute wrappers.) I have had people tell me they found one after 2 weeks and it was still delicious (that is stretching it but they are easily good for 5 days.) If you do want to freeze your pops place them in a plastic container covered top and bottom in saran wrap, or wrapped individually. I then wrap the container in a clean garbage bag to make sure its airtight. When I want to unfreeze them I put the container in the refridgerator and let them thaw over night. Then bring the container into room temp. Do not touch them if they have condensation- it will go away! Just let them get to room temp and they will be completely dry. Happy Dipping!!

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