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Cake Pop Consistency

Posted on Jun 2, 2014 by in Cake Pops | 0 comments


In this photo I gently pressed with my finger to show you how a pop looks when it is too wet, perfect, and too dry. The center one cracked a little but did not fall apart- perfect.
When it comes to dipping there is nothing worse than a pop that just falls off the stick or leaks all over the place because its too moist. To get the perfect consistency I crumble my cake until I cant feel any bumps. Then start adding a spoon of frosting at a time until it starts becoming “rollable.” when it rolls but still crumbles it is almost done-

I add just a little more frosting so that it rolls nicely (without my having to squish it)

If I have added too much frosting it will be noticibly moist and it wont hold a nice ball when I set it down. You can see how the one below is already sort of an odd shape- two squishy!

I line a container with paper towels and place the rolled pops into it, letting them sit for a few hours in the fridge. The paper towel absorbs a little moisture which is great.

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