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Fondant Step by Step

Posted on Jul 20, 2014 by in Homepage, Tricks of the Trade | 0 comments

Fondant Step by Step- Tricks of the Trade

This is my go to recipe for fondant and ANYone can make it!
1 lb mini marshmallows,
2 lbs powdered sugar,
1/2 c Crisco,
4 Tbl water

Melt MM in increments of 30 sec (about 2 min).
Add Crisco, and half the pwd sugar, mix until combined.

Add water one Tbl at a time alternating with the remaining sugar kneading the dough until well blended. Place it in an airtight Ziplock. In between using it I smooth on a small bit of Crisco to act as a layer against drying out. It is very useful with store bought fondants like Wiltons that have become a little too dry, I just mix in a little MM fondant and it moistens it up enough to make it flexible again! To color it I use Wiltons Gels, if it is a little sticky I liberally dust it with cornstarch until smooth. For lots of ideas you can cruise around my site!

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